• Estero Blvd Stormwater FAQs Handout to Council 8/24/17

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  • Reminder to use caution in the construction zone

    Estero Boulevard Improvements Project

    Reminder to use caution in construction zone


    As cooler temperatures and sunny days prompt outdoor activities such as bicycling, walking and running, many enthusiasts are heading to Fort Myers Beach. The Lee County Department of Transportation reminds bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists that construction continues on Estero Boulevard from Lani Kai Resort to Publix, and caution should be used when traveling through the construction zone.


    One of the two major goals of the Estero Boulevard Improvements Project is to improve safety for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists. The second goal is to improve the storm drainage on Estero Boulevard.  During construction bicyclists should obey traffic laws and ride for the travel conditions. In some cases, bicyclists may feel safer walking through the construction zone. Pedestrians should be aware of bicyclists and motorists around them. Motorists should watch for pedestrians and bicyclists on roadsides, side streets, and boulevard crossings.


    Crews monitor and sweep the work zone routinely to make bicycle and pedestrian travel as safe as possible during construction; however, Estero Boulevard is an active, ever-changing construction zone.  Conditions change daily, hourly and minute-to-minute. Bicyclists and pedestrians may experience changes in roadway surfaces and elevations, steel plates and loose gravel.


    Once construction of Estero Boulevard is complete, most of the boulevard will provide travel lanes with designated bike lanes and wide sidewalks on both sides. Bicyclists will share the travel lanes from Crescent Street to Lovers Lane due to the limited right-of-way.  In the meantime, all travelers may need to change their habits during construction, and all need to stay aware and use caution. The end result of this much-needed, very challenging project will be a boulevard that provides improved stormwater drainage and treatment and an improved roadway design for motorist, bicyclists and pedestrians.

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